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Only $2 a Month  +  6.9 cents per minute!

No, we are not kidding. You can open an on-line account now to have your own toll-free number assigned and running immediately after completing your application.  No equipment to buy.  Instantly configure features via your private Internet Account Maintenance Panel.  You won't believe the automation and control that you have.  Forget about large monthly fees with local telephone companies that range from $25-$75 a month and high "per-minute" use fees.  Our service is inexpensive.

Toll free numbers were once affordable only by large corporations, but now the cost is so low that small businesses and individuals can afford them.  Think about these features...


Select a Number that YOU Like:  During sign-up, we show you a range of available toll-free numbers to choose from our database.  Optionally, you can search the database of available numbers that can be emailed to you.

Internet Account Management Panel:  You get access to a powerful online "Account Manager" that lets you change every aspect of your toll free number instantly without calling anyone to request changes.  View detailed accurate billing and telephone usage (updated in real-time), change the forwarding ("Ring To") numbers instantly or program them to redirect during specific hours, redirect calls from specific numbers or prefixes (friends or family) to any phone, block calls from specific areas or numbers, temporarily enable/disable certain toll-free numbers, and setup fax or voice e-mail.

Automatic Incoming Faxes:  The same number can receive fax calls automatically.  The fax is digitized and sent as an email at the moment when transmission is complete.  Simply open up the fax in your email box and view it or print it.

Conferencing Ability:  No need to call a center to arrange for a conference.  You can immediately set up your own conference lines and assign a call-in password if needed.  It is a new free feature.  There are no setup fees.  The normal call rates per user apply.  This is a much better alternative to competitive high priced conferencing.

Real Time Monitoring lets you watch calls as they occur. Great for monitoring ad campaigns.  You can also turn on a free feature that allows you to receive an email with call details for every call... such as Caller ID, time of day, ring-to number, and length of call.  Emails come to you in real-time as soon as the call completes.

Phone Messages Digitized and Sent by Email.  You may optionally (at no cost) have calls answered or received as a voice message (.wav file).  Get a voice-email from someone calling your toll-free number to leave a message.  Just open the email and play the message on your computer.  You can turn-on or off this feature at any time. Of course you can still call in to get messages that you missed.

Caller ID on Call Records:  Know the name, phone number and address of everyone who calls and when they call.

Customized Calling Area:  Customize the calling area having access to your number(s). Spend telephone time more productively with real potential customers.

Account Tracking Tools :  Track your advertising campaigns and compare their successes by using unique toll free numbers for each campaign.  Kall8 offers online campaign analysis tools to aid you.

Call Balancing Feature:  Distribute your calls equally among your "Ring To" numbers to prevent missed calls or help manage call overload.

Vanity Numbers:  Toll Free Vanity Numbers are easily remembered numbers. They may be numeric combinations (easy to remember), or numbers that spell a word, name or acronym that reflects you and/or your business.

International Ring-To Numbers :  Answer your North American number anywhere in the world.

Pay Phone Blocking :  You may optionally block calls from pay phones.  This cuts down on wrong numbers that you would normally have to pay for those calls.

If you are paying more than $2 monthly and 6.9 cents /minute, you're paying too much.  Note: New 888, 877, and 866 numbers are $2 per month (choose the ones you like).  Older 800 numbers are $5/month. Customized vanity or exotic numbers are more expensive as shown when you select a number.  View rates.

Forget about using prepaid calling cards for your college kids, distant relatives, friends, or yourself when you need to call home while out of town.

Affordable to small businesses. Gain a competitive edge for your business.

If you have multiple business locations, you can have toll-free calls automatically routed to the location closest to the caller.  This is especially useful for car dealerships, real estate agents, dry cleaners, etc.

Subscribe to an optional recording service if you want to record calls automatically.

Services are all through our International Telcom carrier.

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$2 monthly fee for standard numbers.  Vanity numbers available for extra cost.

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